Ysleta High School


Ysleta High School

Direccion: 8600 Alameda Ave, El Paso, TX 79907, USA

Rating: 4.3

Rating: 5

I`m starting to go to this high school in about a couple of days or so. I`m like so happy But nervous to go because I never been to a high that big.

Mia B.24

Rating: 5

I miss you so much Ysleta High school i rather be in ysleta than at hanks no matter what one an Indian always an Indian

Janea Noriega

Rating: 2

What was once the Pride of the Lower Valley 3 yrs. ago, now stays in the lowest part of it. Lots of change happened...

James Kearney

Rating: 5

Once an Indian always an Indian! And for all you peep squeaks that say Ysleta sucks, you need to grow up and mature! Millennials!Ugh!

Anamaria Rodriguez

Rating: 5

The best school ever

Denise Roman

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