Suites Hotel María Bonita


Suites Hotel María Bonita

Direccion: Av. Ignacio Rafael Pérez Serna 1721, Parque Industrial Omega, Magnaplex, 32419 Cd Juárez, Chih., Mexico

Rating: 4.3

Rating: 5

We ate at the buffet. The food was wonderful. Very authentic food with traditional flavors.The staff was professional who gave attentive service. My wife and I will gladly return at a future time!

Marty Glaese

Rating: 5

Super great, I loved the swimming pool and mexican style. The restaurant is excellent omg what a taste. I would go to the city just to get into this hotel again. The bar is also nice, I liked to get a couple of beers and go to sleep like a baby, wake up a

Nicolas Lopez

Rating: 5

I loved this hotel. If you`re ever in mexico and need somewhere to stay, go here. I will be going back.

Tina Davidson

Rating: 1

Upon arrival guy at the front desk was not very friendly he was okay but did not made you feel welcome. Room had a bad odor as well as the bed sheets. We would not be coming back. I would recommend La Quinta, we had a great experience with them... Is a li

Sally R

Rating: 2

Even though i actually really liked the casual atmosphere of the building itself, the price wasn`t bad and most of the employees were really kind(other than management) I can`t give them a good rating because of the following. Long story short: They lie.


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