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Direccion: 12800 Horizon Blvd, El Paso, TX 79928, USA

Rating: 2.9

Rating: 1

Went there asked for a Chicken and Bacon foot long, attendant gave me attitude and gave me half scoops of chicken instead of a full scoop... Instead of a Chicken and bacon sandwich I got bread with veggies... I am not even vegetarian!! #BAD

Ramona Papadakis

Rating: 1

Initially wanted fried chicken, 6pm Saturday.night... Out of side items, decided on meatball foot long... Bread stale and cold... I will be walking across the street today to eat. Although the employees were friendly, they didn`t seem too concerned they w

tom smith

Rating: 5

Very good service, friendly and fast service. When you are hungry, this is the right place.

Kebero Foxy

Rating: 3

Alright service, but given that it`s mainly a truck stop people there are just trying to get you out.

Gustavo Aguilar

Rating: 1

Horrible bought a footlong meatball today..first of all had to tell the individual 3 times to fill my sandwich with meat balls isn`t that what we pay for ...Not so afterwards pepper jack and peprocinis not your out of them wth people 10.00 for a sandwich

brent haff

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