Guillen Middle School


Guillen Middle School

Direccion: 900 S Cotton St, El Paso, TX 79901, USA

Rating: 4.2

Rating: 5

This school has many pros and cons to it i really enjoy going to this school and i give it a five star rating because of my pride in going to this school but the thing that really has me is the way the counslers sehm to act so fake,how the office staff do

Andrew Garduno

Rating: 3

To much bulling going on in this school they need more officers on site one is not enough spanish teacher from 7th grade leve talks bad to students she use humiliation words against several of her students this school need more supervision and to upgrade

luzsa monpri

Rating: 5

I go to guillen middle school I like my school my school is cool

Adrian Carrillo

Rating: 5

Best school ever!!!! 🤗🤗

Yaritza Carrasco

Rating: 5

I don`t even go here, i`m not even close to this STATE. But I like it because it is named after me. 😛

Dayana Guillen

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