Ciudad Juárez International Airport


Ciudad Juárez International Airport

Direccion: Carretera Panamericana Km. 18.5, Aeropuerto Internacional Abraham González, 32690 Cd Juárez, Chih., Mexico

Rating: 3.7

Rating: 2

This airport is super small, when arrived there it was an ok experience got my bags they check your bag tags before leaving and went and got a taxi fast and easy. when it was time to head home it was early morning , 15 min to get bags checked and no staff

Jannette Estrada

Rating: 4

I fly in and out of CJS on a regular basis - at least 6 times a year. Small airport which makes it easy to get in and out simple. Only 4 gates and they are all in the same little area so it isn`t difficult to find the gate. Only issues I have so far ha

Steven Farmer

Rating: 5

A rather small but efficient airport. After landing I received my luggage in record time and got out of the airport very quickly. Haven`t been in any other airport that is even nearly as fast as this one.

Jordy Sleeubus

Rating: 5

In and out quick . Really small airport Bathrooms are super clean. Baggages took a lil while to get it Overall 5*

Carlos Alvarez

Rating: 1

So small we were like sardines, horrible service, not organize, no customer service at all. they changed our gates five times and everyone was confused. First time flying from this airport and will not do it again!

alonso coronado

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